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docpeyer Aug 3, 2000 02:14 AM
9.0x G4's freezing on start -
I have a few g4's that are freezing as they start up - the mouse is still functional and as soon as I force-quit the finder, all is happy. It is obviously looking for some network resource, but I cannot figure out what it wants exactly.
I can cure this with no extensions installed, but even the base set results in the freeze.

Could all of this have to do with the Keychain? I absolutely hate the keychain to begin with - is there any way to disable it? (kind of a different subject here) - I'm pretty sure that I disabled all of the related system files, but it keeps popping up and annoying me. Any suggestions?
wlonh Aug 3, 2000 02:35 AM
try deleting your Servers folder (in System Folder) and maybe that naughty 'AppleShare PDS' file (invisible file)

and clear your Recent Items in Navigation Services folder

and are you using VM? if not get the 'memory contents fixer' freeware at
reader50 Aug 3, 2000 02:44 AM
Also, go to Control Panels -> TCP/IP. Hit the Options button. Make sure the box Load only when needed is checked.

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Cipher13 Aug 3, 2000 04:00 AM
Unless you have cable Internet and your ISP specifies that you need that unchecked.

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