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johnb Oct 17, 1999 04:53 AM
Good evening,
My friend and I are trying to connect our Macs. We want to use apple talk if possible.
We are both connected to same provider, and we are connected via ether net via a cable modem. Do any of you know how we can connect to each other using this system? Or if you have any ideas, I'm listening.
Thank you.

Hello from Yokohama
xplora Oct 18, 1999 09:54 AM
Hi, if you have appletalk boxes or phonenet boxes and cables you can connect via the modem or printer ports and appletalk.
Via File Sharing control panel you can make the connection.
If you want to do it via ethernet read this:

Hope this helps,

xplora Oct 18, 1999 10:36 AM
In my first reply the info was meant for local connection of course.
If you want to connect via modems and service providers you can try timbuktu or buy the new mac os 9.
With mac os 9 it is easy to share your files over the internet with other mac users.
The folders you share appear right on their desktop, just like a local disk or a file server.

arthurdent Oct 18, 1999 12:16 PM
If you and your friend are connected across a local ethernet, setting up AppleTalk file sharing between the two Macs is a breeze.

But it sounds as if you are connected across the Internet and have IP addresses given to you by a cable ISP. If you don't have either OS9 or AppleshareIP 5 or newer, you cannot connect the two using Appleshare. Try Speedshare from, which allows file sharing over IP.

(This all assumes, as do previous replies, that you and your friend wish to exchange files. Is that your goal?)
47Ronin Oct 18, 1999 05:17 PM
I assume that your Macs are connected to a cable modem via 10Base-T Ethernet. If your friend is in the same neighborhood, you might be on the same cable modem system hub so you could actually see him in your Network Browser (or Chooser) if you turn on file sharing. This will work with MacOS 8.6 If he's not in the same area and and at least one of you is using MacOS 9, then just use the TCP/IP file sharing button in the chooser (or Connect to: in the Network Browser) and enter the other guy's IP address. Make sure you password protect your machines over file sharing because everyone using the same cable modem service will be able to see you on their Chooser!

47 Ronin Multimedia

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johnb Oct 18, 1999 06:44 PM
Good morning,
Thank you very much for the advice. I will look into this again. At the moment both of us are waiting OS 9. It looks like that might be the way to go.
As to your questions: no we are not on the same hub. And yes, we do want to exchange file among other things.
ChrisB Oct 19, 1999 12:18 AM
I would agree that OS 9 is the way to go. The new File Sharing via TCP/IP is a feature that many of us have been waiting for and would probably be the best solution for many of us Mac users on the net. Besides, it's shipping next week so I'm sure you should be able to be patient until then.

Chris Brown
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