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kansir Aug 3, 2000 09:20 AM
iTools homepage
I have tried to use iTools homepage to make a homepage. But I can just add a new one. I can not edit or delete a page??? Besides the "Add" icon is function, all the others are not function!!!
Can you use iTools to make homepage?
osx Aug 9, 2000 10:03 PM
To delete a page, access your iDisk, in the "Sites" folder is all you web pages. Just drag a page out to delete it.

As for editing a page, other than opening it up with a text editor/HTML authoring program, I don't know of a way to edit existing pages through iTools (although I haven't used iTools all that much to edit my pages anyway so there may be a way).
madbard Aug 10, 2000 12:03 AM
I saw someone who had a regular web page instead of one of the iTool pages. I realized you can upload a regular webpage into the Sites folder of your iTools disk! I did it and it worked--except I'm still a little confused about formatting links to pictures and stuff. I made a page with iTool then looked at the BBEdit file but I still didn't quite parse it. (Not that I'm paying _that_ much attention.) If anyone has a better clue and can post it here, it would be much appreciated!

Look at <> for an example of a regular (non-iTools) web site on the server.
kansir Aug 10, 2000 06:15 AM
I have tried to open my iDisk and delete the HTML files in the Site folder. However, it said that I don't have permission to delete lock files and I don't have permission to unlock them too. So I can not remove my homepage away! I can only add a new one.
madbard Aug 10, 2000 03:00 PM
You can duplicate the file to make a backup, then save a new file on top with the same name. It is a Unix file server--treat it as such.
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