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Hare Aug 3, 2000 03:22 PM
Multiple Users-No Password Screen at Startup
I have an iMac DV SE (OS 9.0.4) and use the Multiple Users feature to limit access by my kids. I updated to version 1.3 of Multiple Users Software using the Software Update control panel, and all was well for a while. Suddenly, the password screen no longer appears at startup. In addition, when I try to open the Mult. Users control panel, I do not get the window that allows me to adjust the user preferences. All I see is my desktop and a menu across the top of the screen, which only allows me to Quit. I have tried searching for previous posts on this subject. The only thing I could find was a suggestion to use TechTool Pro (which I currently don't have). Is there an easy way to reinstall a new copy of this control panel? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
wlonh Aug 3, 2000 03:34 PM
try deleting the associated pref's file(s)? i have no need for this mult-users function, and so have never used it, but it is always a good idea to begin troubleshooting by deleting the offender's associated pref's file(s)
Evangellydonut Aug 3, 2000 06:44 PM
Are you sure that nobody "accidently" disabled or deleted the Multiple-User File inside the root directory of your System Folder?
Hare Aug 4, 2000 08:33 AM
Thank you for the suggestions. I trashed three items that were in my Preferences folder: Multi-User Prefs; Multiple-Users folder (a blank folder); and Multi-User Items folder (which contained all the previous user settings). After restarting, I was again able to access the Multiple Users control panel. Although I need to start from scratch in setting up the preferences for each user, it appears that I can now use the control panel again. Thanks again for the help.
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