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davidch Aug 3, 2000 04:45 PM
Which OS version is most stable?
I work in an AppleShare IP environment with B+W G3's. We're currently using OS 8.6. All Apps are the standard graphics packages (PS5.5, Illustrator8.01, Xpress4.1, ATM 4.5) and business apps (Office98, FM Pro 5 and Outlook 8.2.2 Exchange Client) with FoolProof, Virex AND Adobe PS 8.7.

Adobe PS tends to corrupt itself and require a reinstall periodically, although not predictably.

Our B+W G3 machines start out stable but become unstable after some usage to the point where the standard remedies (PRAM, desktop rebuild, disk utils, trashing prefs) do not work.

There are no extensions that aren't needed - unused extensions are trashed... and the system folder is as slim as can be.

Should I be using 8.6, 8.5.1 or 9.04???

applenut1 Aug 3, 2000 05:04 PM


mitchell_pgh Aug 3, 2000 05:18 PM

9.1 isn't even out... <if your a sys. admin. you never install the update... for at least a month or two...>
iMan Aug 3, 2000 05:23 PM
Hello All,

9.0.4 Is Your Best Bet!!!
kingturd Aug 3, 2000 06:14 PM
I am currently using an old PowerMac 9500/132 with a ton of RAM for graphic design where I work. True, we have a lot better computers here, but this is what I'm stuck with for the time being. All of the Mac's are running 8.6 and are VERY stable. The only thing that seems to be able to crash them is a combination of PageMaker 6.52 and Netscape 4.7.4, other than that they run flawlessly. I also use a G4/450 for web design and a little graphic work and it has 9.0.4 installed on it and I haven't seen it crash yet.

From reports I've heard from other Mac users on the web, 8.6 is the most stable build of the operating system. However, that's the most stable build by itself (the programs you're using may have some effect on it as well). I know from experience that PhotoShop 5.0 and Illustrator 9.0 work great under 8.6 and PhotoShop 5.5 works great under 9.0.4 (5.0 is good on 9.0.4 as well, but I haven't tried 5.5 on 8.6). My experience with Microsoft programs in general on a Mac have been very poor. I have yet to find an OS upgrade or a software upgrade that can run any of their programs stably on the computers I use.

Since you are running all G3s there, you will probably want to give 9.0.4 a try, since it seems to work well on the G3 class machines and higher. I personally have not had much trouble with either build, but in my situations 9.0.4 has been run on G3 and G4 class machines only. So that may have something to do with it as well. Hope this helped a little :/

(I just posted this at the other forum as it closed but it did not show up here.. so if they move it here, I'm sorry for the duplicate post)
garyp Aug 5, 2000 11:46 PM
As others have stated, go with 9.0.4. I have a B/W G3 400 which I bought at MacWorld Jan. '99 right after they were released. Though they came with 8.5.1, it wasn't stable, and everyone said 8.6 would do the trick. My machine froze and crashed every day until OS 9 was released and installed. From that day on, I have only the normal occasional problems - basically smooth sailing. 9.0.4 made it even better. I assure you, 8.6 is what is wrong with your machines. Get rid of it and you'll never look back.
wlonh Aug 6, 2000 12:55 AM
MacOS 9.04 is easily the most stable i have used...
Gregory Aug 6, 2000 12:30 PM
If you go 9.04, you'll want to run AutoPurge 2.3.1 I think to purge the invisible Temporary Items Folder.

Fonts and font managers might be one thing to look into.

9.0.4 has newer Drive Setup - some actually went back to 8.6 version, but has improved Disk First Aid and fixes some HFS+ problems better.

Turning off background process extensions always seems to help (even control strip).

My complaint with 9.0.4 which I think is the most stable and smoothest running, better memory handling, is that CC8 is reporting corrupt System sometimes and also Finder. So I rely on TTPro to verify those if it does.

Using separate partitions for system, scratch, etc. and so that there is 500MB or more even on system volume for spool and temp files and whatever you can for a scratch volume.

I also swear by IBM ATA drives.

TechTool Deluxe comes with Macs, so that would suggest that TTPro 3 will have sort of stamp of approval from Apple when it ships and offer virus and system hardware and disk superior to 2.5.4.

The Directory under 8.6 was vulnerable to writes from a browser and Disk Warrior attempts to shield and protect. Alsoft posted and removed a patch for DFA that shipped with 8.6. So 8.6 has issues fixed in 9.x

Also, I've seen SYN flooding and Pings under 8.6 that I don't see under 9.x using OT 2.6.1.
wlonh Aug 6, 2000 02:30 PM
CC8, huh... yeah that thing, YUCK

did you use the System Merge function in CC8? if you did, likely that is the problem.
don't use that function, it has been reported as quite troublesome (see macfixit, macintouch, et al)

CC8 is a waste of money, imnsho
P Aug 7, 2000 04:20 PM
I'd say 8.6 is more stable. By a hair.
l008com Aug 11, 2000 03:11 PM
Are you computers networked? As much as networking is a necesity nowadays, it seems like any computer connected to a network has problems. Just in general, all platforms included.

I see dead people.
slboett Aug 11, 2000 06:37 PM
9.0.4 rocks on the newer hardware, but I have yet to test it on my BW/G3s. They are all running 8.6 which is slightly faster than all flavors of 9.x.
I would try 9.0.4 on one to test it first, then decide.


PS - sorry, Lon, I totally disagree with you on the CC8 thing...

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Evangellydonut Aug 11, 2000 07:06 PM
Without IE and Hotline (Or if I'm lucky and either one of those doesn't crash), I can run 9.0.4 for over two weeks w/o reboot. I guess that's pretty good.

Just something to keep in mind. OS 9.0.x at minimum configuration, VM off, takes 40 Megs of RAM. OS 8.6 at same configuration takes 30 Megs of RAM. So if you are a little tight on RAM, stick with 8.6. I have 384 to burn, so it's not an issue with me.

btw, Scott, I'm in SD for the summer, but when I get back to Pas (late Sept), I'll contact ya

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nuhonda Aug 17, 2000 05:58 PM
i'd say os9.04, once you get all the updates for your apps (atm, etc.)

why are you using adobeps?
i've always had problems with it,
and have stuck to apple's laserwriter8.

(i think indesign req's adobe ps, though)

somebody mentioned something about pagemaker.
does that ever run on os9?
adobe dropped that baby along time ago.

also. office doesn't suck,
and as long as your fonts are clean,
it is stable.

exchange does suck.

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peepska Aug 17, 2000 10:15 PM
I'd have to say, <!--begin digression--> that 7.5.5 seemed the most stable OS I've used for a while; 7.6.1 didn't sit right with me nor with my boss' 3400. 7.1.3 was also a stable, moreover fast, release/update, and I enjoyed many days on my 6100 with that. Why can't they make a SSW that's as small, fast, and stable as 7.1.3, I'll never know. <!--end digression string--> 9.04 and 8.6 are both as stable as you're gonna get. 9.0 was buggy as hell. 8.5 never gave me any major problems, but 8.6 does crash less (sans Netscape). So to sum up, go get a Quadra and let the good times roll
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