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pml589 Dec 19, 2001 12:17 AM
umm massive problem here
First off, b4 i get started, here are my stats:
graphite imac 400mhz
128ram dvd
13gb HD
OS 9.0.4
My virtual memory was turned on to 200mb at the time.
When I was playing Deus Ex one day, it (Deus Ex) did the same thing that happens as when a program Unexpectedly quits. Except this time, it did not say it had unexpectedly quit. instead, some alert w/ a weird message showed up. i then restarted my computer. i noticed alll of my desktop icons were boring: they were blank white. I then noticed that my virtual memory had turned off on its own. determined to move on, i tried to go to deus ex. i immediately got a window that told me Deus Ex cannot be opened b/c the application 'Deus Ex' can not be found. next, i try to go to aol, but right after i click on its icon, i get another alert: AOL cannot start. Next i go into netscape, only to have my computer freeze. Naturally, i press the little arrow button on the side of my monitor. As Disk First Aid verifies my hd, i am stunned to see that it has come across an error that it cannot repair, and that i should back up my startup disk immediately. i read in imac 4 dummies that if my icons are blank i should rebuild the desktop. i did this correctly but nothing happened (believe me i did it right). now, my virtual memory is always off and my icons are still blank and many programs will not start. what the hell is goin on here? i am :confused:[/LIST]
command-tab Dec 19, 2001 12:33 AM
Reboot, and hold Command and Option when you boot. Hold them until it asks you if you want to rebuild your desktop. Click OK. That should do it :-P
seanyepez Dec 19, 2001 02:46 AM

Your computer is pretty screwed up!

Even if you fix this problem, you should reinstall your computer with a clean reformat to make sure nothing's really wrong with your installation. As a rule of thumb, critical errors, even if they get fixed, warrant a reinstall.

[ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: seanyepez ]
iNeusch Dec 19, 2001 03:06 AM
To fix your HD problems, boot on your original install CD (put the CD in and restart with "C" key pressed)
Use the supplied Disk First Aid to repair it
Then rebuild the desktop (Command + Option will rebooting with the CD out of the drive)

That should do the trick :D (if not, get Norton)

The best thing would be to Save, Format and Reinstall your mac... I agree with seanyepez ;)
Cipher13 Dec 19, 2001 02:30 PM
Disagree... Disk First Aid won't fix it; but it doesn't warrant a format, necessarily.

What was the "wierd error message"? We need that to help you...

You'll need to get DiskWarrior from Alsoft; boot of the DiskWarrior CD and repair your drive. It'll fix it.

What error does Disk First Aid report, btw?
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