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Reid Mar 23, 1999 02:32 PM
Blue G3s and USB ports
Sometimes when I plug into the USB ports on a new blue G3, it appears that no connection is made. This is most obvious with the keyboard because the mouse will not move. Jiggling the usb plug in the jack- or unplugging and replugging--will solve this problem, but sometimes it takes time to find the exact spot where it will make a connection. It does not feel like there is a lot of slop between the plug and the jack, it feels like a tight fit, but does not seem to make the connection. This happens on both usb ports. Do others have this problem as well?
llamapacker Mar 23, 1999 04:00 PM
I have not had that problem. Methinks your have a bad port. I would see about a replacement.
whitewlf Mar 28, 1999 10:58 PM
Me thinks that there are strange "circuit breaker"like actions on that bus, prolly due to it's high volt/amp power-in-line design, and it may take time and/ort restart to reset the breaker. It's only a guess, but, i am pretty sure that something like that should be in the spec for hot swapability.
blizaine Mar 30, 1999 12:35 AM
After plugging back in wait about 5 to 10 seconds. I believe that it isn't the USB plug but the drivers that are (re)loading in the background.

I think it just takes it a couple of seconds to do this.

Just a thought....
naepstn Apr 12, 1999 05:39 PM
Are you using the keyboard extension cable? There have been several reports of a bad or no connection made when the keyboard is hooked up (using the extension cable) to USB port 2. The problem seems to be solved by rearranging your USB devices and plugging the keyboard into port 2. Just a thought.
deemeetree Apr 19, 1999 09:13 PM
I have been using a belkin USB extension cable on a 895cse HP printer and have not had any problems with it, but the usb drivers on this sysstem seem a little flaky in general. I am also using a Intous board and the combination could be part of the problem.

replugging USB devices sometimes makes any problems go away, like no cursor response.

I agree that the extension cable referred to in the post earlier is probably bad, I had no problems with either the apple extender on the usb keyboard (I hate those darn round meeces tho')

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Chips Apr 26, 1999 09:54 PM
I am also using the new B & W G3 and when I restart the computer sometimes my mouse will freeze. Unplugging it and plugging it back in always fixes the problem. It is really not that big of a deal. Apple is planning on updating the USB drivers sometime soon and I think that should fix all the USB problems. Good Luck.
rtm May 10, 1999 09:51 PM
I too have been have great difficulty with my USB devices, although not my Key/Mouse. I had an Artec 1236USB scanner and found that although it was getting power from USB it seemed there was no "signal". After unplugging/plugging in and out several times the scanner would work. I put this down to a bad scanner. But now I am nt so sure......
The port I used did not seem to matter.

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