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SmileyDude May 11, 1999 10:24 PM
Screen Resolution
I've had one (really minor) problem with every version of MacOS to come out since I've had my Performa 6400/180. I always run in 800x600 mode @60hz. This is the highest resolution my monitor supports (Multiple Scan 14) and at 60hz, I can display 1000's of colors.

Somethimes, I switch into 640x480 (for games). When I switch back, every version of MacOS, including 8.6, asks me to confirm the switch because 800x600 @60hz is not a "recommended" resolution, but 800x600 @72hz is.

Now 8.6 doesn't fix my problem, but it does introduce a new one. I always use the control strip to switch resolutions, but now I can only pick "recommended" resolutions from the control strip. All other changes require a trip to the Monitors & Sound control panel.

Funny thing is, the control strip will allow me to pick 832x624 and 1024x768... both of which will not work on my monitor.

Anyone have any advice?

Oh, the Monitor is identified correctly as a Multiple Scan monitor in the control strip module.

Rob Huigsloot May 12, 1999 07:07 AM
Use SwitchRes, works like a charm.

Good luck!

M Gerenser May 12, 1999 12:40 PM
You definitely need a copy of SwitchRes, which I believe to be one of the most elegant pieces of shareware available for the Mac. You can get it at

Version 2 is OS 8.6 compatible, fully AppleScriptable and includes better support for multiple monitors.
pedemonte May 12, 1999 01:45 PM
Actually, all you have to do is press the Control key when you press the resolution control strip. This brings up every resolution.
iano May 12, 1999 05:25 PM
The macintosh traditionally senses the available resolutions using sense pins in the monitor video connector that plugs into the back of the mac. If you are getting 1024x768, then you have incorrectly configured sense pins. If you are using a multisynch adaptor for standard Wintel monitors to hook it up to a mac, you should get out the manual for it and pick a better setting for the little toggle switches on it. If there are no toggle switches then you just plain have the wrong adapter and you should get a new one. It looks like you have the sense pins set up for a 17" multisynch, which is not what you want. It may work, but as you have noted, it doesn't work quite so wonderfully.

As for the reason why you get asked every time whether to switch to 800x600, that happens for the following reason. The video hardware has two possible support modes for a video resolution, safe and unsafe. Safe modes dont ask first, you just switch into then. Unsafe ones ask, because there is the chance that you may end up with a black monitor and you might have to reset your PRAM to undo the setting, since you wont be able to see anything anymore. Correcting the sense-pin configuration should give the video driver a better idea what resolutions are safe and what are not, and may solve this problem for you.

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