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jennifer12 Jul 21, 2001 07:43 PM
My G4 set-up has serious display problems
I have a 3 month old G4 / 533 Mz Dual processor with a Viewsonic Monitor.
Last week I awoke to the computer turning itself on as usual but the colors of the monitor were quite pale. I changed a few settings on the front of the display and only succeeded in darkening the screen. I shut it off and when to work. When I got home and turned it on, I saw an extremely frightening sight. 3 desk tops instead of 1. It was impossible to click the mouse on anything and if you did click on something it was not what you intended to click on. I restarted, rebuilt the desk top,
same problem. I restarted , extensions off, same problem with an even more fractured view. Okay so I do a restore in place, same problem. Then I do an actual restore, same problem. At this point the screen starts to go black after the opening stuff. I can start up from the CD, but nothing else.
Please what did I do and can I get my stuff Back? I copied everything onto a a few zips so I am not afraid to re install everything. But I really don't want to.
I am running
Photoshop 6
Quark 4.1
Illustrator 9.2
Dreamweaver 4
Fireworks 4
ATM 4.61
Microsoft office 98
I would be greatful for input . Thank you Jennifer :confused:
Herr Newton Jul 23, 2001 02:14 AM
Actually that doesn't sound like a software issue at all; It's probably your monitor that died. My advice: take your Mac into your local authorized Apple shop. Have them hook it up to one of their monitors to see if the problem goes away.

The bit about being able to boot off the CD but not anything else is odd, though.
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