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moedog Jul 22, 2001 02:44 AM
OS 9.1 affecting performance
I recently installed Mac OS 9.1 on an iMac DV SE 400 MHz, 256 MB of RAM and have noticed that all of my applications are running significantly slower. I previously had Mac OS 9.04 installed.

Outlook Express used to be very snappy and now it is runs slowly. I was also doing a slide show of some digital photos with Graphic Converter and the show was running slowly. As I'm posting this topic via IE, I'm experiencing unacceptable performance.

I zapped PRAM, ran Norton Utilities, and I'm still noticing poor performance. Any ideas on how I can get my iMac running at top speeds again.


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Cipher13 Jul 22, 2001 10:27 AM
Did you use the updater, or full install?

The updater is horrible.

Slow, unstable.

I went BACK from 9.1 to 9.04, which I'm using now, cause 9.1 was, IMO, a step backwards.

Install the latest version of CarbonLib ( and that may fix some things.

I suggest you go back to 9.04 though, personally...
moedog Jul 22, 2001 07:55 PM
Thanks for the post on carbonlib. I just installed it and will monitor my system to see if there is a sustained improvement. So far it seems to have made an improvement.
phobos Jul 23, 2001 04:31 AM
I hope you don't have any network programs open because that slows the performance very very much.Close Apple talk and stuff like that if you don't need them.
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