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tonton Jul 22, 2001 02:24 PM
Virtual Memory problems...
I've got a few serious bugs with OS 9.1.

I have 640 MB of RAM on my TiBook, so I don't want to use virtual memory. Unfortunately, turning off VM causes SERIOUS stability problems.

First, if I have any desktop picture, changing the display to 256 colors will freeze the machine 9 out of 10 times. I've tried allocating more memory to the appearance control panel, but this does not fix the problem.

Second, if I have Multiple Users acivated, I constantly get a message on startup "Multiple Users is running low on Memory..." but clicking OK works every time.

I have also had to disable the Location Manager, because of memory-related problems.

By the way, these things all happened even before I installed my expansion RAM, so this is not the problem.

Turning on VM solves all of this, but of course, it takes a big chunk out of my tiny 10GB drive.

Any ideas? Will 9.2 solve this? From what I hear, if you have a gig of RAM, the OS won't even let you turn on VM. Does Apple really test the software?
Cipher13 Jul 22, 2001 07:47 PM
Yeah, VM always was good at solving general stability/speed issues ;)

I suggest you downgrade to OS 9.04. That will fix your probs, I'd say.

Or... did 9.1 come with it?

Is it the 9.1 updater, or a real full 9.1?

Perhaps you need to zap your PRAM and reinstall the system...
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