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Euphrates Jul 22, 2001 11:04 PM
9.1 CD doesn't recognize my drive
My computer kinda messed up when I tried to tinker with the earthlink software (oops :)) and I booted into the 9.1 CD to reinstall the system, but when the comp finishes booting up, the CD says that my two drive partitions of my internal drive are unrecognizeable, so it asks if I want to initialize them (Hell no! lol). Anyway, I end up booting up from the 8.5 CD I got from the good old day for my ole' 6100, then installing 9.1 when my comp starts up from a brand new 8.5. It's kind of aggravating, since earthlink seems to not work every month or so (on DSL), and the only thing that seems to fix it is to reinstall everything. So, back to the 9.1 CD, anyone have this problem/solutions?

BTW, I have a beige rev. 2 333MHz G3 with an 8 gig internal drive.
Also, the 9.1 CD is the one I got when I bought OS X.
Paul Crawford Jul 27, 2001 05:32 AM
Hi Euphrates,

Just out of curiosity, is your 8GB drive on an ATA/IDE bus by itself? For some brands of IDE drives in beige G3s, it seems that Mac OS 9.1 is much fussier about the drive being set to the correct mode, i.e., "master" / "slave" / "single" ("master w/o slave"). [Older beige Rev 1 G3s like mine also have a separate issue with little or no support for "slave" drives at all, but your Rev 2 should be okay in that regard.]

A few months ago in May, when I upgraded my beige Rev 1 G3/266/768MB-RAM/769MB-VM to Mac OS 9.1, I found out the hard way that some older IDE drives are required to be set to "single" mode if they're on a bus by themselves. My G3 has an internal 4GB IBM SCSI drive on a BTO F/W SCSI card, and another internal 20GB Western Digital IDE drive on one of the ATA buses by itself (the DVD-ROM drive is on the other ATA bus). Under 9.1, I suffered through weeks of intermittent problems with the WD IDE drive not being recognised or simply "disappearing" from the desktop, with occasional temporary relief coming from zapping the PRAM. In the end, I finally heeded WD's advice to set the IDE drive to "single" mode (it had been incorrectly set to another mode all along, although there had never been any issues under Mac OS 9.0.x). Now, I have no problems with the IDE drive under 9.1; the drive also works well under Mac OS X 10.0.4.

Anyway, I hope that my sad story with a happy ending is of some help...


Euphrates Jul 30, 2001 10:17 AM
I only have one internal hard drive.
Paul Crawford Aug 10, 2001 12:09 AM
Hi again,

OK, that's what I'd meant earlier, i.e., about your hard drive being on an ATA/IDE bus by itself...

If your single hard drive is indeed ATA/IDE (as opposed to SCSI), it might be worthwhile to check the jumper settings on the drive, even if it was factory-installed by Apple. BTW, what's the drive's brand/manufacturer?


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