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el chupacabra Jul 25, 2001 04:41 PM
Something sucky about OS 9
well the title isnt meant to anger anyone its just to get attention. My issue with os 9 is an old one. OS 9 cant support long file names. You see I had heard that os 9 couldn't support long file names too a while ago but I thought that meant you couldn't make long file names or see the whole name. In other words if a file was made in windows that had a huge name it would keep the huge name but wouldn't show it. thats what I thought anyway...but no, if a file is too long OS 9 just cuts it off to where it fits (what a toy of an OS eh?). This is very annoying because for cross compatibility programs that cant run on macs just because the file is too long (is this making any in a hurry here so it might not) ...anyway the main point is the mac is reading files that were made with windows and the files call for another file with a long name and since the mac just cuts off the extra letters it cant make the call and find the file and hence crashes.

So my question is if I download the file from windows into OS X and open the program in classic will the file name still be cut off or will I be able to run it. I really dont understand this. It would seem as soon as I start up in os 9 again all the file names would be cut so i would have to use os x from then on in order to keep the file that right?

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spicyjeff Jul 25, 2001 07:55 PM
OS 9 does support long file names, up to 255 characters just like OS X. The Finder in OS 9 does not support long file names, this is why they truncated. So as long as you don't use the OS 9 Finder then you should be all set, so yes, Classic should support long file names. Try it.
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