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vasu Jul 26, 2001 03:52 AM
iTools account deleted?
Recently I have been unable to login to my iTools account,
email, or idisk. I keep getting an error that my username or
password is incorrect, and I can't access my iTools
homepage. It seems as though my account has been
deleted and there is very important and sensitive
information that I was supposed to receive via email that I
cannot retreive now. I depend on iTools for my business,
and now that I can't login, it is very detremental to me.

My iTools username is/was "vasu" and I can't seem to
access it anymore.

In my iDisk there were pictures of OSX build 5F7 that a friend of mine gave me to save... I know that's the worst place to keep them, but it's a little late to take that back. Is that why they deleted my account..shouldn't they of been mature and send me a cease and desit or something? Does anyone know how I can reach apple to ask them for my account back? the only email address I could find was

-Vasu Tummala (temp for now)
el chupacabra Jul 26, 2001 01:12 PM
If its really that important I would call Apple. They'll give you their stupid speech about how your tech support is out and all but its worth a try. I call apple all the time and get the warning about how my 90 days is up but they always help anyway.

I doubt they would delete your account for having pictures of such. Steve might do it but the people who monitor that wouldn't really care.

I dont use my idisk much so i get confused often about this...but could your username be i.e. when i log in its as my main email address....i think.
Thunderbird Jul 26, 2001 02:56 PM
A few months ago, several users reported having their accounts deleted because they had uploaded the OS 10.01 updater to their iDisks. Sometimes, however, you can get the error you describe if Apple is having trouble with their servers. The first place i would check is Apple's online support forums to see if there are currently any outages. Then, perhaps you could post a message there describing your problem. Someone should be able to tell you what happened.

I doubt that they will help you over the phone. There is no telephone support option for iTools.

Worst case, sign up for a new account and don't upload Apple's confidential information to it anymore. :eek:
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