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keeb May 13, 1999 03:46 AM
Not At All Happy With 8.6 and this Screen resolution thing.
although i cant complain to much about 8.6 in it's entirety i can complain about the stoopid startup res change , come on somebody out there has to be a decent developer who can write a simple piece of code to make our lives easy huh??
nemesys May 14, 1999 01:05 PM
I fully agree, though I'm not sure there is a fix, since the display stuff is no longer the same in 8.6 than what is in the ROM. Maybe a firmware update???
lar2jan May 14, 1999 03:23 PM
Monitor blinks black when desktop loads w/OS8.6. One suggestion was to change the resolution in the Monitor Control Panel(Not the Monitor & Sound Control Panel) to the same resolution in the M&S Control Panel. I have never seen the "Monitor Control Panel". search reveals nothing. Does this critter exist?
kuntz May 14, 1999 03:33 PM
That will not fix the problem if you have a Studio display. Read the other posts about this problem.

This is from my previous post (from Apple):

"It is indeed normal. The Blue & White computers had the same display driver as Mac OS 8.5, which is why you do not see this behavior there. The newer driver in 8.6 does this, and it is the same behavior that older Power Macintosh computers got with the AppleVision displays in 8.5 (and 8.1 for that matter). It is a newer display driver than what you have in ROM, and therefore it has to load. If you start up with extensions off, it doesn't load, the display is not being driven properly, and it stays in 640x480. No patch will be released to change it, since it is behaving as we expect it to,and using the new driver."

John Phelps
Forum Leader - Apple Support Discussions


Oh yeah you can install the monitor CP from your 8.5 cd, it will be in the monitor extras folder after you install it.

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