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Dupree May 11, 1999 11:56 AM
I still cannot get the Macs in our office to use the DHCP. So far, we've allocated static addresses for the Macs. However, I thought 8.6 was going to address some of the issues surrounding DHCP servers! With OS8.6 installed my machine still claims it can't find the route address (which doesn't exist) in the subnet. This makes sense to me since the router has an entirely different address! Ah!
nightjar May 13, 1999 02:43 AM
I'm having the same problem. Using MacIP as a work around for a dynamic IP address assignment. DHCP was still working for me with a late beta of 8.6
Brian Marsh May 14, 1999 03:44 PM
the DHCP problem fixed (there might have been more, but I have only read about one fix to it)

was, in 8.5 (& 8.5.1) it would send a DHCP RELEASE when the machine was shutdown/restarted, then when it started up again, it would assume it still had the same IP address from DHCP, and just ask for it again, of course, it was released, so this would cause errors (and a long delay in start-up)

in 8.6 it now does not release (there is still an option to force it to release)

problems with DHCP servers on seperate subnets is a completely different problem, and I'm pretty sure MacOS isn't the only system that would have a problem with that =)
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