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bohdanz Jul 27, 2001 02:26 PM
10 hours of mp3's on one CD? How?
Seeing that CD players like RioVolt say they can play CD's with 10 hours on mp3s on one CD -- I wonder:

using iTunes...

is that possible?
Just got my new G4 (pre-Quicksilver), burned my first hour long music disc effortlessly... but would love to burn hours of music for a trip.

Your help is appreciated.
Knof8 Jul 27, 2001 02:38 PM
Think of burn mp3's in this manner: 1MB=1 minute of music (depending on how high a bit rate the mp3 is, typically this is true of 128 bit rate though).

So if you have a 750 MB blank cd, that's 750 minutes of music, so roughly 12 hours of easy listening. Just don't try doing this where you burned the mp3's to a cd and then expect it to play in your car's stereo system. Most car systems won't recognize the cd and won't play anything as the file format is not in aiff form (typical way music is put onto cd's). If you do have one of the portable cd players that can play both, just get a car adapter kit and *poof* lots of music on one cd. Hope that helps.
<Neopabilus> Jul 27, 2001 07:26 PM
1. The 10 hours on music hat you can burn on a cd are in mp3 format.
2. iTunes burns only auido cds, not data cds, and mp3 are considered as data.
3. To burn data cds, you can either use the Finder burning system, or you could get Toast.
mismith Jul 27, 2001 10:29 PM
The RioVolt can PLAY data cds with mp3 on them. So you must have a RioVolt (or some similar prod) if you want to play 10 hrs from a cd. Basically the player has to read the mp3 format.
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