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bojangles Jul 29, 2001 12:11 PM
LOTS of weird problems
Good morning, everyone. Here's a real keeper….

I've got a beige G3/266 that has never given me any real problems. However, about a month or two ago, I started having really slow startup times. We're talking over a minute before I even get a gray screen. Zapping the PRAM seems to fix it, but only for a day or so. At least once a day, I'm doing the four-fingered salute to my noble Mr. BoJangles (from whence cometh my alias). I've even done a Clean Install of Mac OS 9.1, but still the problems persist. (And yes, this happens whether Startup Memory Tests are turned on or not.)

2) I'm running ACTION Utilities (all latest versions), which again, is usually great. However, about four months ago, I started having the problem that every time I restart the machine, four of the six folders in my Apple menu don't have any submenus. All I have to do is go into the control panel and double-click the Attach menus to items in folder box, to fix it, but that's still really annoying to have to do, over and over and over again. (On an interesting side note, I did get it to work correctly, at some point; but when I reinstalled the system, it started up again—even after reinstalling ACTION Menus and then all of ACTION Utilities. Note 2: this happens even if ACTION Menus is the only extension enabled, thus ruling out any possiblity of a conflict.)

3) Every once in a while, the Finder crashes on startup. Repeatedly. I can't even select "Restart" without a crash. I soft-restart, let the disk tests do their thang, and the problem disappears. Any thoughts?

bojangles Jul 29, 2001 12:20 PM
Oh, yeah—forgot to mention that Remote Access occasionally drops the first digit when dialing out. I have to open the CP and add any random digit to the beginning to get it to work. (And yes, I've tried adding a comma. No dice.) :(

Power Macintosh G3/266
30GB hard drive, six partitions:
Mac OS X (2GB)
Mac OS 9.1 (1GB)
Windoze 4.0 (2GB)
App's & Crap (3GB)
Files (15GB)
Scratch (5GB)
floppy, stock 24x CD
SCSI devices:
Pacific Image ScanAce 1236S on 2
Internal Yamaha CRW4416 on 3
External Castlewood ORB 2.2G on 4
Internal stock zip 100 on 5
Supra Express 56 (modem port)
Epson Stylus Photo EX (printer port)
AppleTalk set to "Remote Only"

Thanks again!

[ 07-29-2001: Message edited by: bojangles ]
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