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Murray May 10, 1999 09:53 PM
OS 8.6 no use to UK Macs?
I patiently sat through the 36MB mac OS update only to find the following error report when I tried to install it:
"A US English or International English versio of System Software is required to install this update on volume "Macintosh HD". Please check your configuration."
I bought and use my iMac in London, UK, running the OS 8.5.1 software that came on te CD with the computer. Does this error report mean I can't upgrade my OS till a British English version is written?! (I checked the site and there's not mention of OS 8.6 there.) Or can anyone think of a way round this that will let me install the updater I've got?


jolyon yates May 12, 1999 01:46 PM
Same problem... no answer!

Then to piss me off even more, I started to update the UK version, which is at...
...and they come over at 1/3 US version speed
...and then they're all corupt!!

Sort it out Apple
EDDDD May 12, 1999 07:25 PM
I downloaded first the normal 8.6 update (assuming it was a universal updater since nothing was metioned) and got the version error. I then looked in the SW updates site and found the British specific version, unfortunately, it also thinks I have a non US or international English version of os 8.5 installed.
I even tried installing a fresh copy of 8.5 from the cd, still same trouble.
I am submitting a bug report to apple about this, and I will post the response if i get one!!

Tony Weston May 13, 1999 05:15 AM
I skiped on downloading 8.6 until the British version was avaliable. This, as you know, apparently became avaliable (it is under the UK directory at, but after spending all day downloading it, it turns out that it was the american version - which I could not install on my UK Imac.

I've managed to install it now by first installing the international english version of 8.5 from my original 8.5 CD and then installing 8.6 over that. - however, I still have to put up with the american 'Trash' instead of 'Wastebasket' as well as all the spelling differences.

Looks like Apple slipped up!

Mitchell May 15, 1999 02:17 PM
I just installed the British 8.6 on a 6500/300 with no problems at all.

I updated 8.5 to 8.5.1 with the US updater, not the UK version and STILL the British 8.6 installation worked just fine.

Checked the "about this computer" and it says OS B1 - 8.6. Don't know what you guys are doing wrong. I used the download address listed on MACNN.

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