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Ramses May 11, 1999 05:27 PM
Zero 8.6 Problems, Just installed
I want to start This thread, because MOST people just install this and never look back. 99%+ anyway.
The others are simply NOT following directions, it appears.
macman May 12, 1999 01:44 AM
I'm glad there are some good comments about 8.6 on here. For, I have had no problems with it either.


Chito May 12, 1999 07:48 AM
Ditto here....other than the ATI extension thing. That was a simple fix and considering the number of third party extensions I run I'm surprised it was the only problem. I think Apple's done another great job with 8.6, it seems very stable on my PowerComputing Power Center Pro upgraded with a RailGun G3 card running at 295.7 mhz.
Brian Marsh May 14, 1999 03:53 PM
upgraded 2 G3/300's last night (64 MB of ram, have VM on) no problems at all, in fact it's fixed a couple crashing problems that were caused by 2 programs it seems (MYOB 8 Plus, and IE 4.5)

tonight I upgrade 2 7200's, one of which has a bunch of 3rd party items, so we'll see how well 8.6 & the 3rd party stuff goes =)

initial impressions on the G3/300's, slightly more responsive, although raw processing in certain programs (like rc5) is slightly down, but not much (instead of 960 K keys/sec processed, it's about 940 under 8.6)
goldengoose May 14, 1999 05:51 PM
8.6 appears to be optimized for the G3 machines. I installed it at work on my B&W 350 and so far it seems to be running just fine with all my apps (Photoshop 5.02, Dreamweaver 1.2, Imageready, IE 4.5, Pagemaker 6.5.2, Claris Emailer and others). But as I mentioned in another post, here at home on my 6500 225 there isn't much to get excited about. I venture to say that the slow redraws and other slower than before performance stuff may also be happening on the G3 machine , but at the much faster processing speeds it is probably not detectable to the eye.

From where I sit today at the 6500 machine, System 8.1 seems like the upgrade from 8.6 !!

Greenspeed May 15, 1999 02:56 AM
Am I happy with the MacOS 8.6 upgrade? DUH! ;-) You bet I am!

A lot of this is verbatim from another post of mine, but this is a good forum as well...

I have been running 8.6 on my PowerBook G3Series 292, my G3/300 MT, and my PowerMac 7200 since the first day it was available as a download. On the PowerBook, I am a major packrat - I have 301 Extensions and Control Panels running.

Not once - let me repeat that - not one time has my PowerBook crashed; nor the MiniTower, nor the 7200. The 7200 is running IPNetRouter, and the MiniTower is my wife's "clean" machine. I'm the packrat with the PowerBook.

Not only is 8.6 more stable - infinitely so - than was 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.1, 8.5, *and* 8.5.1, it is noticeably faster on the G3 Macs. The 7200 has no 8.x reference point, so I can't comment on anything but its stability.
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