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p r Sep 20, 1999 02:34 PM
I have a rev a imac, sometimes the finder will quit when I go to restart after a program has crashed. I restart and all is fine I would just like to know if this is ok?. I am new to computers and have never read about the finder quiting before sorry, if this is s silly question.
wlonh Sep 20, 1999 10:32 PM
no silly questions, just silly answers...

BUT seriously, I think that if you trash your 'Finder Preferences' file (it is in the System Folder: Preferences Folder: Finder Preferences) by dragging it to the trash, then restart your Mac, then empty the trash.

You would not be able to empty the trash prior to the restart because the file in question would be in use and MacOS would not let you delete it. But when you restart your Mac, the MacOS looks for that file and upon not finding it where it should be, creates a 'fresh' new one using default values. Therefore, after trashing the Finder Pref's you must reset the Finder Pref's in the Edit menu in the menubar while the Finder is the active or frontmost application

This 'trashing the Finder Pref's' thing can clear up any number of anomalous conditions that may occur on a Mac.

AND, if that doesn't fix it, post again to this thread and I'll have further remedial actions for you!

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p r Sep 22, 1999 04:46 PM
Thank-you I have trashed my finder preferences, but am still getting the finder qutting when I try to restart after a crash, not always usually after a crash when on the internet. My imac is still running os 8.1 with 32mb( vm on). I think that memory may be part of the problem
marc Sep 22, 1999 07:12 PM
When programs crash they can leave little problems which make future crashes more likely. In this case, they are messing up the Finder. Try Disk First Aid, which came with your computer, and see if it will straighten things out. A program like Norton Utilities fixes many more things than Disk First Aid and is worth the money (even if it does not solve this problem).

Memory is an issue. Web browsers generally need much more memory than they say they do, and tend to crash if they do not have it. Chip prices are currently high, but if you can afford it, you should definately buy a 64K chip for your computer. If you feel comfortable installing the chip yourself, companies like the Chip Merchant (800-888-CHIP) or MicroTech (800-626-4276) are cheaper than the catalogs. Otherwise, call around to local dealers. If you add more memory, turn VM off. Good luck... Marc
wlonh Sep 22, 1999 11:25 PM
By all means, as Marc said, run a disk utility and check your HD and try increasing the VM to, say, 38M or more perhaps...

who knows?

I would also try trashing these preferences files:
ASLM Preferences
Finder Preferences
MacOS preferences
Memory Preferences
System Preferences

AND since you have limited RAM at the moment you should trim your Extensions set and turn off some stuff... do you need AppleTalk on? if not turn it off and disable its related control panel and extensions in the Extensions Manager... Users and Groups, Web Sharing... you may not need these things, turn 'em off, they eat system resources.

Go through the list of all the goodies in the Extensions Manager and see what you need and don't need... then restart and see how much RAM MacOS uses on your machine. I bet it uses less...
p r Oct 2, 1999 01:32 PM
Hello, it's me again with some more silly questions.........
I have trashed ALSM preferences
Finder preferences, but cannot seem to find the others, also have been in the extensions and now have more ram.- Thank-you.
My computer crashed the other day while printing (first time ever) and the finder quit just after start-up (Fist time for that to)
trashed prefs and restarted and all is fine.
I can use my I mac for hours and days without any problems, them one day it all goes crazy!!
Why does the finder quit?, can I give it more memory?.Also my Aunt who has a very old mac told me to rebuild the desktop with extensions off them restart. Would reinstalling the mac os help?
Sorry for the silly and sad questions.
wlonh Oct 2, 1999 02:51 PM
no, no... not silly!

first, i apologize for not paying attention to the fact that you are running MacOS 8.1 and therefore you do not have some of the pref's files i mentioned... forgive me.

You should most certainly buy MacOS 8.6 and install it!! I feel certain it will cure your ills... it is by far the best OS Apple has put out and yes, i know MacOS 9 is just around the corner but it has some very major compatibility issues with many third-party applications, so go with MacOS 8.6 as soon as possible and get MacOS 9 when it's issues have been resolved.

But why does the Finder quit? well many, many reasons... corrupted pref's, an incompatible app, a corrupted font... all of the above and more.

The Finder can have its RAM allocation increased either by using ResEdit or by using a freeware widget that i used on my Mac in the bad old days of 8.1, it is called 'The Reaper' and it is a control panel that allows you to easily increase the RAM allocation to any app including the Finder.

read about it:

download link:

and yes, why not try to do a rebuild w/extensions off and restart... i know some people who do this or used to...

as for clean-reinstalling your current OS, it likely would help, but i believe strongly that you would be better served in the long run to upgrade to MacOS 8.6 asap!

go to and do a search for the best price on 8.6
Ster Oct 2, 1999 07:02 PM
quick question: didn't rev a imac buyers get the up-to-date deal, where they got os 8.5 free (or at minimal charge)? if so, do that, and then d/l the upgrade to 8.6
wlonh Oct 2, 1999 09:34 PM
ster... i would think the statute of limitations would be up on that MacOS Up to Date offer in this instance... i dunno...

BUT pr, i have an idea... maybe the Finder is crashing because you have 'Remember Recent Items' enabled in your Apple Menu Options control panel... this is a buggy thing and should be disabled in MacOS 8.1 for sure, i remember now that it helped me back then.
Ster Oct 3, 1999 12:13 AM
good point, the up-to-date is almost certainly expired. too bad, pr, you could've saved some cash. since os 9's coming out in a few days, it's probably a better idea to wait a few days and get it rather than 8.6. but yeah, the 'apple menu options' control panel is fairly infamous (though i personally never had a problem w/ it). if you're using it, turn it off.
wlonh Oct 3, 1999 12:31 AM
ster, i'd have to disagree on this... i would not go out and buy MacOS 9 right away... to many bumps in that road ahead... best wait for 2-3 months after release of OS 9 when the third party driver fixes and the Apple fixes have been issued.

and pr, i would run out and buy MacOS 8.5 or MacOS 8.6 on CD (either one will be pretty cheap), if you buy MacOS 8.5, you can download the update to 8.6 for free from Apple... the $40 dollars (guessing, could be less) is worth it, MacOS 8.6 is great and 8.1 is not.
Ster Oct 3, 1999 09:43 AM
correct again! i guess i'm too much of a 'bleeding edge' kinda person. (well that, and i don't use any of the stuff that i'm reading problems about.)
just wish there were a way to save you from having to buy both oses, pr. but wlonh's right, go w/ 8.6 for now. i saw 8.5 boxed here on my campus for the usual 90ish bucks, so i'm not sure how much it'll cost you.
wait, just did a bit of hunting...(5 min) has it for under $40, but no physical manuals, only online versions.
hope that helps,

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gap Oct 3, 1999 10:01 PM
Bonjour PR, i have too the 'quiting' finder pbl once in a while too...look's like it is when i use Internet Explorer???(but i have 64meg more in my memory bank and it does not help...). i try to use other browser like icab
it's got a small footprint in memory compare to ie..
i might go to 8.6 but not convinced since i may loose compatibility with old software i have...

SeeDCadetSquall Oct 7, 1999 03:11 PM
Have you updated any drivers you may need? The iMac is quite peculiar about such things. Especially with the drivers for your printer.
iMan_ca Oct 16, 1999 01:46 PM
Try this
Startup with the extensions off,
Run TechTool 2.?? its free for the simple version
Run Disk First Aid
Rebuild the Desktop
Zap The PRAM
Update Firmware and Drivers
Count how many fonts you have try to keep it to 100. Open each font suitcase to see if you have any damage ones.
Turn VM on since the memory partition in most programs are set to the VM mode which means not enough memory when it is off.
Find a copy of MacCheck if you can I don't know if it works on iMacs but it is free. Use a power bar!!! Power spikes can damage a computer. Check to see if all you USB devices are connected together right. You could have a extension that is not compatable with your OS. To Zap your PRAM (You loss settings like Printer, monitor clock and Mouse and need to reset them) on startup just before your Welcome to MacOS comes on holde down these keys together. Command - Option - P - R.
Your Mac will restart again. There is so much more I could say but this should help you if you are still having this problm. Upgrade to 8.6
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