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booshay Oct 11, 1999 11:41 AM
56k connection question:
I am a new purchaser to the iMac and still learning what power it has. I am also new to the net. The question I pose has been dodged by my server and I have a feeling it is them:

Can anyone tell me why(when I have 56k modem in the iMac)I get knocked off the net when I am on for just a few minutes while using 56k and not the internal V34 on modem pref?

Even getting on the net at always in most cases a bad connetction.

Is it my server or the mac settings?

Please help. Thank you!

wlonh Oct 11, 1999 01:24 PM
most likely it is a little bit of both: ISP and the modem script... though I suspect it is your ISP that is more at 'fault'.

which ISP (internet service provider) do you use?

and what modem script is selected in your Modem control panel? (the modem script is whatever you see listed next to the word "Modem:" in the Modem control panel)

and, did you use the MacOS Internet Setup Assistant when you configured your Mac for internet use?
booshay Oct 12, 1999 10:03 AM
Thank You Wlonh!

Yes, I have selected 56k in the modem configuration. As far as MacOS...I'll have to check with the guy who set this up.

Still learning all of this stuff but enjoying it.

I called Earthlink to see if they can live up to their fast and hold connection. Considering switching.

They said my server may not be able to handle it( I live right in the heart of downtown Chicago and usage is heavy.

Any opinions on a good ISP?

Thank you again for responding to my reqest. That was really cool of ya.

wlonh Oct 12, 1999 09:13 PM
dialup, 56K ISP listings:

DSL providers:

I always recommend using a local ISP, that is UNLESS you are a traveller and need a more global ISP... Here in NYC is quite good for Mac users... I can't speak to what would be a good ISP in Chicago...

see this further info on Modem scripts and 56K, etc:

Apple Modem Script Generator: What is it?
Apple Modem Script Generator 1.0a1: Read Me
56Kbps Modems: Getting The Fastest Connection:
Apple Modem Script generator, page has link for download:

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booshay Oct 13, 1999 11:29 AM

Thank you. I will research this information.

Wow, being new to iMac is a challenge but am getting there.

Just picked up MacWorld magazine for further reading.

In your spare time: what is your take on year 2000 "bug?"

Thanks again,


* Sorry to ask you these questions. I just went to "The List" and made it back here in edit mode.

Could you tell me what 56k(flex) means and 56k(x2) would mean.

Thank you!!

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wlonh Oct 13, 1999 01:20 PM
before the industry 'decided' upon a standard which is known as v.90 (56k), there was a battle of 56k's: Kflex and x2

two different protocols which made for nothing but confusion and required a careful choice of modem and ISP!

and this was true whether you used peecee or Mac
booshay Oct 13, 1999 02:36 PM
So should i consider this when switching isp's? I guess what i am asking is what is best for the iMac flex or 2x?

Hope I asked that correctly.

Thank you,


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wlonh Oct 13, 1999 02:57 PM
i am sorry that i did not make myself clear... when i said that "before the industry 'decided' upon a standard which is known as v.90" i meant to imply that now all modems use the v.90 standard (or can have their ROM chips 'flashed' with a firmware upgrade which is freely available for download from the maker of any given modem) and so do most if not all ISP's at this late date...

booshay Oct 13, 1999 06:36 PM
wlonh Oct 15, 1999 12:10 PM
here is an assortment of modem scripts that may be helpful:

approx. 780k download, mnay different scripts for many different modems... purported to give the best possible performance.

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