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niacin Jul 31, 2001 10:52 AM
Need Urgent Help! Macintalk crashed my Powerbook!
I can't boot up into my Pismo 400 running 9.1 and X now.
I was just using my system, surfing the net, running icq when i decided to turn on Speakable Items.
It wouldn't quit when i told it too, so i pressed Cmd-Opt-Esc to quit Finder. Froze the computer. Pressed Ctrl-cmd-Power to reboot. and instead of the smiley mac at startup, i got this flashing Folder with a Question Mark (i think it means cannot detect system to boot into).
Reboot, no use.
Boot up using system cd, it tells me that my Hard Disk is not initialized, do you want to initialize it? it will erase all my data.

what can i do?? I don't want to lose any of my data. but it seems as if Macintalk has crashed my harddisk.

PLEASE HELP ME!!! this has never happened before.
niacin Jul 31, 2001 10:56 PM
i booted up from 9.1 cd and ran disk first aid.
errors detected, but cannot be repaired. here they are

Problem: Invalid BTree Header, 0,0
Problem: MountCheck found seriuos errors
Problem: Volume Bit Map needs minor repair, 4,1
Problem: Volume Header needs minor repair, 1,0
Unable to complete repairs. Try repairing the disk again.
The vollume "Prelude" could not be mounted.

seems that the drive cannot be mounted. Any suggestions as to what diagnostic tools i can use other than disk first aid?
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