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jay999 Jul 31, 2001 02:23 PM
> Error -110 ? What the f......
g4 450, OS 9.0.4, fantom 35 GB firewire HD, VSt 75 GB firewire HD, ethernet

About every 2 to 3 weeks I get an error -110 when I click onto the desktop from an opened application (any application). When you hit OK for the error to go away the error message just comes back up again locking up your desktop. The search is down both here and apple and macfixit has a broken link for information on this. Does anyone know what might be causing these errors? I can force quit the finder and it works but sometimes crashes after a little while.

:mad: :eek: :mad:
oscar Jul 31, 2001 06:49 PM
Error -110 is memAdrErr: Scrap Manager-address was odd; or out of range

tahst all i got, sorry
rambo47 Jul 31, 2001 09:24 PM
If memory serves me, the upgrade to OS 9.1 was supposed to fix support for external hard drives, among other things. That and running techtool pro helped me with lots of stability issues.
jay999 Aug 1, 2001 11:28 AM
I had 9.1 and i was experiencing stability problems so i went back to 9.0.4. I experienced the -110 error I believe in both 9.0.4 and 9.1. Could it be a memory problem? I have tech tool light but there arent any memory checks.

pcurtner Aug 1, 2001 01:37 PM
I've seen the -110 as disk corruption, occasionally caused by using Apple Network Assistant 4.0x to copy large files over AppleTalk.

Of course, now I've got -110 on my ASIP 6.3.1 file server, but since I have OkeyDokeyPro installed, I can't get around the error message.. Have to wait until the end of the day, then reboot the entire file server (45 days running currently).

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