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Euphrates Jul 31, 2001 09:56 PM
Poll: HD Setup on New Comps!
I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone did with their hard drives when their new computers came in. Partitions that are made in different configurations have been debated in terms of performance many times, and I thought this would be a good learning resource for people getting their new computers. Some considerations that some people might have made were putting classic and OS X on different discs, making scratch discs for photoshop or OS X, or making a giant media partition.

Here's my info for my beige G3:

Drive: Mac OS 9 (very creative, I know)
Purpose: Holds Mac OS 9 and its apps

Drive: Mac OS X
Purpose: Holds Mac OS X and its apps

Drive: Firewire HD (External Firewire drive via PCI card)
Purpose: Holds my backup + really big game installs)

That's my setup. How did you setup your computer?
Jsnuff1 Aug 1, 2001 12:36 AM
Drive: holds everything :D
Cipher13 Aug 1, 2001 07:47 AM
Drive 1: 10 gig 7200 RPM

Partitions: 2:

"OS9" - 4.78GB
"OSX" - 4.78GB

Drive 2: 4 gig 5200 RPM

Partitions: 2:

"Macintosh HD" - 2.36GB
"Rhapsody" - 1.35GB

Drive 3: 750 meg 3800 RPM

Partitions: 1

Don't laugh too hard ;)

Incoming: 80 gig WD, 7200 RPM

Partitions: 5 gig / 20 gig / 55 gig
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