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HalfMoth42 Aug 2, 2001 03:35 PM
A quick question to iDVD users... (Other than a copy of this post in another section of this Forum, I haven't seen this asked yet, so please forgive if I missed it somewhere.)
I'm guessing that, like iTunes & music, iDVD makes a disk image of your content (basically an all-in-one-place copy) which it then burns to DVD? If that's so, do you have left over a nice MPEG-2 or bunch of MPEG-2 files? Or does iDVD trash the "copy" when it's done? (Trashing it would make burning multiple copies of your DVD project a pain, if iDVD has to keep re-doing the compression!) Can I use iDVD to simply convert video & audio into an MPEG-2 file?

Anyway, thanx to anyone who can help.

--brian f.
bluedog Aug 4, 2001 06:04 AM
That's a GREAT question! I never thought about that with iDVD and have simply thought MPEG-2 was simply a format that wasn't going to get a lot of support in the MacOS for some time.

Anyone with an answer?

You may want to post this in the Multimedia forum.

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2far Aug 4, 2001 07:56 AM
Don't forget that iDVD runs only on Macs with Superdrives. So if you don't have a DVD-R drive, you can't run iDVD.

(Please provide a patch, someone.)
pjkim Aug 4, 2001 08:38 AM
You can run iDVD without a Superdrive just fine. Problem is that there is no way to do an MPEG conversion without the Superdrive.

You can run iDVD and do all the layout and editing that you want. It is only when you hit the burn button that iDVD checks for the presence of a Superdrive. Since the MPEG2 encoding occurs after the Superdrive check, you get no encoding.
Cipher13 Aug 4, 2001 09:43 AM
Transferring to Multimedia and DV forum.


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