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cdhostage Aug 3, 2001 03:21 PM
iDisk performance under OS 9
Is there any way to stop the incredible slowdown my computer experiences when I log into my iDisk? I don't mind that the iDisk itself is not responsive and that it doesn't copy files fast AT ALL. i just mind that I can't do other things while I'm waiting for the server to respond.

Also, I've heard that iDDisk is faster underr OS X. Is this true?
Cipher13 Aug 4, 2001 02:49 AM
No, theres nothing you can do.
You can't do anything else while it loads because of OS9's co-operative multitasking system, and the AppleTalk system not being designed for such latent tasks. It locks everything down while it works - on a LAN this wouldn't be that much of a problem, but it was just never really designed to be any good over 56K, or even cable, over 10000 miles, for example.

Yes, its faster in OSX - its more optimised, and OSX's pre-emptive multitasking allows you to complete other tasks while you wait, so you don't notice the poor speed.

Its a nice change, but I don't find it all that bad in OS9 anyway...
oscar Aug 9, 2001 02:27 AM
And in 10.1 idisk will support webDAV
webdav from
WebDAV (World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard for collaborative authoring on the Web: a set of extensions to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaborative editing and file management between users located remotely from each other on the Internet.

WebDAV is expected to have an impact on the development of virtual enterprises, by enabling remote groups to work together in new ways. For example, WebDAV-conforming tools could be used by a virtual organization to develop business plans, create software, or write libraries of information. The WebDAV work group is part of the applications section of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C); their charter states its goal as to "define the HTTP extensions necessary to enable distributed Web authoring tools to be broadly interoperable, while supporting user needs." WebDAV is expected to fulfill early expectations of the Web's collaborative potential, by adding write access to the read access afforded by HTTP. WebDAV will enable users to collaborate over the Web in the same way as they might over a corporate intranet.

So in other words, if will be faster, and take less cycles =)
pete.z Aug 10, 2001 06:38 AM
I'm using idisk with 9.1 and a cable modem,it isn't the fastest thing out there,but it is very usable for me.
To win some time,next time you open your idisk,make a alias of it.You don't have to go to the Apple site to open it that way.It don't gets any faster,but you save yourself a trip to the Apple page that way.
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