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Arno Peeters Aug 5, 2001 07:29 AM
Clipboard exchange speed....
For game-dialogue-editing, I need to switch frequently between Excell and Protools for copying filenames from the sheet to the session. Just switching is quite rapid, but as soon as I have a filename copied to the clipboard, switching takes close to 5 seconds.... I need to do this action close to 3000 times....

What can I do to improve the speed of this process ?
Where in the Mac OS does this action take place ?
Is it cache-related ? HD related ?

Powertips are more than welcome !!
Cipher13 Aug 5, 2001 09:14 AM
How about putting the Clipboard file on a RAM disk, and putting an alias to the Clipboard in the System Folder?
Arno Peeters Aug 5, 2001 07:39 PM
That's worth trying...
maybe I'm missing out here, but doesn't the OS itself create and modify the Clipboard...? Would it accept an alias on a volume which is not equal to the system's root directory ?

'Gonna try it anyway... Thanks !
Cipher13 Aug 6, 2001 01:07 AM
OS9's as flexible as they come ;)
It'll work.
Give it a shot :)
Arno Peeters Aug 6, 2001 08:26 AM
Sorry: no change whatsoever... but you're right: it seemed to work.
Still; what part is taking care of clipboard exchanges ? Is it the finder ?
Is there any extension/memory allocation that could make a difference ?
Switching now takes close to 5 secs when something's on the clipboard and I have to repeat that action close to 3000 x... :(
Cipher13 Aug 18, 2001 01:49 PM
Its system based, and the "Clipboard" file in the System Folder is used as a permanent scratch file.

Its memory allocation is set at 384K - thats plenty because thats not a limit as to how much it can hold, just how much it has to work with...

If that didn't speed it up, I really don't know... but then again I'm not thinking my best at 4AM :\
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