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jackmac Nov 2, 1999 01:46 AM
Mounting Disks Cause Crash Under OS 9
When I try and mount a CD or Removeable Disk, I'm getting a system crash. This only seems to occur after having the computer turned on for a while and completing various activities. If I try to reboot with the CD or Disk still in, the system will crash again when it tries to mount the disk. However, if I remove the disk and reboot, everything comes up fine. I'm running a Performa 6400 upgraded to a G3/300. Any help or suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
Flurk Nov 2, 1999 05:52 AM
I have the same problem on a 8100/80 with Sonnet G3 220 and videocaddy connected to the PDS graphics card and 4 x speed CD-ROM (600i)
The problem remains when using a 2x speed external CD-ROM (300).
You can try using an older version of the Apple CD-ROM. It didn't work on my computer.
I don't have this problem on my 8100/100 with Sonnet G3 266 and Sonata nubus card and 8x speed CD-ROM.
Don Foy Nov 3, 1999 06:59 PM
There appear to be some problems with the Apple DVD/CD driver on SCSI CD drives. I have an 8500/150 with an 8x CD. My solution was to use the Apple CD extension that came with OS 8.1.

Hope this helps.
Flurk Nov 4, 1999 04:05 AM
Thanks for your suggestion.
I tried it on my 8100/80 G3 220/0,5 with videocaddy but it didn't help.
Inserting a CD causes always a crash.
The problem looks like a scsi conflict but I didn't change any scsi settings and all worked fine under 8.6.

Like Jackmac, if I reboot with the CD in the drive it comes up.
Then the crash occurs as soon as I insert another CD.
There are no problems when I don't load the Crescendo extension but then I have no G3 acceleration.
Anyway, sine OS 9 is 5-10% slower than 8.6 (even more in graphics mix) I decided to return to 8.6, which is noticeable faster.

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