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Chopper3 Nov 2, 1999 06:08 AM
How to lose the "Documents" folder?
I just upgraded to OS9 and keep getting this damn "Documents" directory in my root. Any ideas how to clear or hide it?


wlonh Nov 2, 1999 12:21 PM
not running OS 9 myself yet... but why 'lose' this 'Documents' folder, it is obviously there by system default, and removing it COULD cause trouble, I don't know for sure but if it ain't broke don't fix it!!
jaysones Nov 2, 1999 01:35 PM
I'll bet if you go to the General Controls control panel, and look at the "Documents" section on the bottom left, you'll find your problem. This folder has been around since way before MacOS 9, but I imagine your prefs got screwed up in the install. Hope that helps-
Jay Sones
47Ronin Nov 3, 1999 05:52 AM
Actually, I believe in MacOS 9 the Documents folder won't go away (AFAIK until someone patches this). You can have your general controls set to go anywhere but a Documents folder and it will still be there. If you try to delete it, the damn thing comes back. I use it in my PowerBook as a default download folder but other systems that I work with don't need the folder and can't get rid of it.

47 Ronin Multimedia
oscar Nov 3, 1999 06:05 AM
Im running OS9 with no documents folder. The option must be off in general controls.

Also if a file tries to access the documents folder, but it isnt there, the os *may* crate one, simelar what the system does with all its assoociated folder (control panels, extentions, etc)

-See Yea!
Herr Newton Nov 7, 1999 04:03 AM
Disable all the extensions related to multiple users; the 'Documents' folder contains sub-folders for each user, even if there is only one user. Disabling the extensions solves the problem and reclaims about 200-400k of RAM.

While I'm at it, removing 'Panels' from the System Folder won't affect RAM usage--it is technically a replacement for the Finder. Remember that the Finder is actually a very priveleged application. I've seen ResEdit hacks which allow you to use almost any App as your Finder. (Really useful if you're assembling a kiosk. I've used it in a public lab situation where one Mac is a dedicated web browsing machine. Sehr toll.)
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