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typoon Nov 2, 1999 09:33 AM
Getting Back RAM in Mac OS 9
I was sitting here playing on my machine this morning and I noticed that my disk cache was set to some ungodly amount of 4096K. I lowered it to around 1824 and noticed I got back more RAM. My machine also seems faster. I read somewhere I may take a performance hit accessing CD Roms? Anyone know? My PB Lombard seems very fast after lowering the Disk Cache. Has anyone else done this? If you tried it let me know how it works. I Noticed just now after a restart my machine reacts MUCH faster. I also slimmed down Ram usage to about 22 Megs. I have 128 Megs in stalled on my PB and now have around 111MB's left. I was able to get back more rams and lessen the Mem requirements my OS is using Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me? I'll keep everyone posted. Also if anyone knows of anything bad about lower disk cache let me know. I definately would like to know more about it. But I was able to get back MORE RAM! WOOHOO! Hapy computing all
wlonh Nov 2, 1999 12:18 PM
Apple has stated in the recent past that messing with the Disk Cache default setting can cause instability, I do not know if they still make this claim for OS 9...

search Apple Tech Info Library, keywords 'disk cache' etc, for more info on this:

bottom line: if it works for you, fine... but be aware that it might be hellish for other users...
wizardofaz Nov 6, 1999 05:55 PM
The "official" cache settings have always been 128k per megabyte of RAM. Commonly used items of the OS are stored there rather than on the hard disk, theoretically making the operations faster to execute. You must have about 128mb of ram to get a 4mb cache file, yes? I have always set my Mac that way and find it runs faster this way.

Macs Rule..if they don't then the Blues do...: )
typoon Nov 7, 1999 08:15 PM
Thanks Wizard I'll Keep that in mind. I reset it to the default setting and it does seem faster. I guess I shouldn't mess with Apple's default settings I guess Mother or should I say the Mother company knows best. Thanks to all who responded. I guess I'll just wait till a newer version of Ram Doubler comes out
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