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mattmarshall Aug 7, 2001 05:15 PM
slow login to multiple users
hey all....

i installed an airport card on my family's imac last week, and ever since, logging in takes about a minute! it's driving us crazy. the computer just sits there, looking like it froze, and then after a while logs in. i used to be instantaneous....anyone know what happened??


wANCO tHE sANE Aug 7, 2001 07:21 PM
I am not really sure but maybe it just took a bit longer to initialize the airport? Teachers at this one school have similar problems whenever they work with a program because they're connected to a network. Everything stops and goes. Have you tried logging in without the airport card connected and the airport extensions and stuff turned off?
<mattmarshall2> Aug 8, 2001 02:18 AM
actually. airport is off when this happens. i installed it, but have only used it for a few file transers. i plan on using it soon for a cable hookup.

right now, however, airport is not in use. it's turned off, and i'm using aol for tcp/ip. the only reason i pointed to the Airport card was because that was the only real change that i've made to the system....


Cipher13 Aug 8, 2001 09:01 PM
Delete the contents of the "Servers" folder which lies within the System Folder.

Create this AppleScript using the "Script Editor", save as a "Classic Applet", and drop it in your "Shutdown Items" folder, which is also within the System Folder.

tell application "Finder"
delete contents of folder "Servers" of folder "System Folder" of startup disk
end tell

You can add the statement "empty trash" if you wish, but I wouldn't if I were you (just given some people store things in the Trash temporarily before deleting).
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