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nickgold Aug 7, 2001 06:38 PM
can't wake from sleep in 9.1
I will be REALLY happy if somebody can help me troubleshoot this problem. My waking from sleep used to be sporadic, and now I can't wake up at all.

The machine goes to sleep normally enough. Now, when I try to wake it, the desktop picture will appear, as well as an outline of my control strip and my one tabbed folder. But my desktop icons won't appear. My pointer (which i can move) goes from the watch, to an arrow briefly, and then back to a watch, where it stays. From there, my system is stuck (although I can move the frozen watch with my mouse).

I tried zapping the PRAM and rebuilding the desktop. I tried sleeping without any USB peripherals. No go. I even trashed my energy saver prefs, event hough I don't use energy saver. Still no go. I can't remember what I did to make my machine hate sleeping so much, but the problem has been here a while, and I am pretty positive it was not brought about by installing new hardware. Here is an outline of my system -- maybe somebody here can spot something, or give me a suggestion. Mucho gracias in advance.

G4 450 Sawtooth (original rev.)
OS 9.1
896 MB RAM
Rage 128 AGP 16MB (not Pro)
OEM Ultra 2 LVD SCSI PCI card
Audiowerk 2 sound card

USB port has connected to it:
Palm VII cradle
MOTU Fastlane USB MIDI interface
Emagic Logic Platinum dongle
HP Deskjet 812C printer

My drives are formatted with Intech USA's HD Speedtools drivers (newest version, 3.3)
I have an OEM 18 Gig Ultra 2 LVD SCSI drive
a 27 Gig ATA-66 Seagate Barracuda
and a 40 Gig OWC Mercury Elite Pro external firewire drive (IBM 7200bpm mechanism)

If someone can give me any advice, I would be much appreciative. I'm sure I could clean install 9.1 and the problem would probably go away, but that is very tough for me to do witht he number of third party extensions and such that I have installed in my system folder. If I can avoid this, I would be VERY HAPPY, as my system folder would take many hours to reconstruct. :(

Thanks again!

-Nick Gold, Baltimore
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