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Misha Nov 4, 1999 04:56 PM
OS 9 and Claris Emailer 2.0
For all of you who continue to use the best email program (let\'s not start a discussion on which is the best, just accept that Emailer 2.0 is, have you experienced slow window redraws? Especially after closing/sending an email, it seems to take a second or two for the browser to redraw what was behind that window.

Also, what's that little icon on the right of the Accounts pull-down menu (when composing an email) denote?
MacCanada Nov 4, 1999 07:16 PM
window artifacts, i would assume

as for redraws, i dont notice anything (yet)

Misha Nov 4, 1999 11:32 PM
What kind of Mac are you running it on, MacCanada?
macmaniac Nov 6, 1999 01:14 PM
I use Emailer, as it IS the best email program around !

I have experienced no problems whatsoever when using Emailer under OS 9 !

I do see the funny little icon you are referring to on the "Send Via" tab however !

Have you "patched" your version of Emailer for the Mercurio bug ?
wlonh Nov 6, 1999 03:37 PM
das ist ein Mercutio Patcher (get Mercutio Patcher here):

si tu quieres, y como no... (if you want, and why not...)

i keep it around for Netscrap, oops, i mean Netscape as every recent version of Netscape requires MDEF patching, word to your mother.

Claris emailer? GREAT, but dead. Green? comin' on strong!!!!

see GREEN, the next BEST emailer for Mac:

MacCanada Nov 8, 1999 05:07 PM
G3 266 MT 64 Megs/6 Gig/AV/Zip w/a AppleVision 750 AV Display

havent patched it.
PGP key:

[This message has been edited by MacCanada (edited 11-08-1999).]
fmalloy Nov 8, 1999 09:19 PM
>Claris emailer? GREAT, but dead. Green? comin' on strong!!!!

>see GREEN, the next BEST emailer for Mac:

I tried Green on both my beige G3 and iBook. In both cases, the screen font seems to be this fixed 8-point size which is too small to read on small monitors. I tried changing the font and size in Preferences, but it made no difference.

I sent Green an email reporting this, and apparently its a known problem that won't be fixed until the next release.

So, it won't be used by me until they correct this. Looks neat, though...

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