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JMS in TX Nov 4, 1999 11:20 PM
VM & disk cache
I cannot stand it anymore, too much misinformation is being given, for G3 & G4 processors :

1. If you have more physical memory than you will ever need ( 190 for me ) turning ON VM will SLOW down your system.

2. If you have more physical memory than you will ever need, the larger your disk cache is, the quicker your launching of applications will be on subsequent openings.

Please read Apple Tech articles, Apple help and tons of info is available using Sherlock searches

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wlonh Nov 6, 1999 02:57 PM
yup, i agree... with one small caveat: messing with the disk cache's default setting which is calculated (to a large extent, there are other factors no doubt) by the amount of physical RAM you have, can truly bring stability problems. Making it LARGER would seem to be OK and may truly be OK for most/some users, but SMALLER... i'd really think twice before i'd make my disk cache smaller. I KNOW that you said to make it LARGER and NOT SMALLER, JMS in Tejas...

what i have said here may seem elementary, but as you say, confusion/misinformation often reigns supreme, and conversely, God resides in the details... correct details.
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