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Pumpkin Nov 5, 1999 03:54 PM
Startup Crash need help!!!
I'm trying to install OS9 on my 7500 w/ a 120MHz 601 from an 8500. It boots off the CD fine, but after installation I get an error message to restart with extenstions off. I restart, hold down shift and the error still appears. Any suggestions????
wlonh Nov 5, 1999 05:11 PM
try this, and yes i know you said you have a 7500:

"I have a G3 400 9GBUW with no third party devices whatsoever connected. As with everybody else the Mac freezes when booting from the CD or a HD with OS 9 installed. The offender is the Ethernet drivers that are in the System folder of the OS 9 CD. If you boot from the CD with extensions off then it will boot no problem, install OS 9 and shut down. Now boot from 8.6 and copy all the Open Transport and Ethernet drivers from the 8.6 CD extension folder to the OS 9 system on your hard disk and reboot. Problem solved"

(the above is excerpted from MacFixit)
Pumpkin Nov 6, 1999 11:38 AM
I've tried swaping the ethernet drivers and it still doesn't work. Booting off the CD with extenstions on is fine. It's only when I try to startup of the HD that I get a unimplemented trap error, even before the progress bar shows up.
Pumpkin Nov 6, 1999 12:31 PM
I've tracked the culprit down to the Text Encoding Converter. Does anyone know what this does and do I need it?
TigerN28763 Nov 6, 1999 02:03 PM
Did you see the news message 2 days ago here on MACNN that said the ATI driver set that is "installed" with OS 9 can cause "freezes on startup"?
Pumpkin Nov 6, 1999 02:46 PM
There are no ATI drivers installed. I don't have an ATI card in there.
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