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Simon Franklin Aug 12, 2001 08:14 AM
AppleWorks ==> MS Word
I'm wondering whether everyone else is having the same mixed experience as I am with the AppleWorks 6.2 Update that is supposed to give us the ability to import and export Word/Excel files with Appleworks.

I have had reasonable results with the export, but I'm finding the importing really unreliable and inconvenient. Firstly, regardless of whether I select the right file types in the "Open File" dialog box, I can't even see my Word and Excel files (saved from Word and Excel 2000 and then sent via email attachment). However, if I export an Appleworks file to Word ro Excel format, I can see these files in the "Open File" dialog box.

The other frustrating thing that I would like to figure a workaround to is that I can't map Excel and Word files to be opened by AppleWorks. I've tried mapping .doc and .xls to Appleworks in the "File Exchange" control panel with no luck. I can't even drop a .doc or .xls file onto the Appleworks icon - it won't allow that.

If we are going to sell new users on the Mac (I'm an Apple dealer), we need to be able to deliver easy to use compatibility solutions for those converted Windows users. Why does this import/export filter technology work so poorly?

Any experiences and particularly fixes greatly appreciated!

yoyo52 Aug 12, 2001 11:11 AM
I haven't tried mapping, but that's because it's been so easy to open Word and Excel documents in AW for me. I've had no trouble at all either seeing the Word/Excel documents in AW, or in saving AW documents in Word/Excel format. So I guess my response is that your experience is not universal, although I can't suggest how to fix it other than by reinstalling AW :(
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