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shook Nov 6, 1999 02:56 PM
I'm wondering... Is anyone else out there using speech recognition in OS 9? It's WAY better than before! There are "built-in commands" that always work, a floating palette of currently available commands, and application-specific commands in addition to the traditional Speakable Items. For instance, in Netscape, I now have commands such as Get my mail, Go Back, Go Forward, Go Home, Make this page speakable, Reload, Stop Loading, some scrolling commands, etc... Way cool!

Another cool feature: Interactive commands. For instance, one of the new finder commands is "Change view of this window". After you say that, the computer asks "what view would you like?" You can respond with Icon, Name, etc. and then the computer will ask if you'd like to make that the default.

One thing I'm wondering: Does anybody know how they make those interactive commands? (Including older ones like "tell me a joke.") There isn't anything in AppleScript to "listen". Another shortcoming I noticed is that the Finder Dictionary does not have Log Out.

TIA for any info... And I'd like to hear some more comments about speech in OS 9!
MacCanada Nov 8, 1999 08:38 AM
>One thing I'm wondering: Does anybody know how they make those
>interactive commands? There isn't anything in AppleScript to "listen"

Have a look in your Scripting Additions folder, "speech Listener":

Dictonary Excerpt:

Speech Recognition Suite: Providing access to speech recognition via AppleScript

listen for: Listen for a spoken phrase
listen for a list of string -- list of possible phrases to listen for
[with prompt string] -- text computer will speak as a prompt
[giving up after integer] -- how many seconds to wait before giving up
[filtering boolean] -- whether to skip phrases with special characters
Result: string -- the recognized phrase

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