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tonbo0422 Aug 13, 2001 06:51 PM
Can CD-R be protected with a password?
I'm wondering if there's a way to burn a CD that would be password-protected--in other words, its icon would appear on the desktop, but upon double-clicking a password dialog would come up and maybe upon an incorrect entry would refuse to open (or better yet, explode and turn the interloper's computer into a Pentium.) :D

Seriously, though, would it maybe be possible to do this and also make it impossible to copy or even view files on the disk?

I have a journal plus financial info and passwords I want to archive but if the CD gets into the wrong hands it could be harmful.

I went to PureMac ( but could only find stuff to lock a hard disk etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Mac Boy Aug 13, 2001 07:21 PM
Perhaps what you need is a good 'ol fashioned combination safe?

Otherwise, if you have OS 9, why not use the built in Encryption software? The annoying thing is that you would have to do each file individually, unless you could compress them into an archive first.

To Encrypt, select a file and choose "Encrypt" from the file menu. Then, burn this file to CD, and you would need the password to unencrypt it.

- Ross
AppleScript Aug 15, 2001 12:53 AM
Here's a better solution:

Make a disk image using Disk Copy. Put all the files you want on the CD into the disk image. Using ResEdit, make the image invisible. Remember the file's path:you will need it for the next step. Open up the Script Editor, and enter the following script:

display dialog "What is the password?" with icon note buttons "OK" default button "OK" default answer ""
set thereply to the text returned of the result
if thereply="Password" then--Your password goes in the place of the word "Password"
tell app "Macintosh HD:Utilities:Disk Copy"
mount disk image "MyCD:Disk Image"--Replace Disk Image with the name of the image.
end tell
display dialog "Sorry! That was not the correct password." with icon stop buttons "OK" default button "OK"
end if

If you are running 9.1+, replace line 4 with the following:
tell application "Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS 9):Utilities:Disk Copy"

Then save the script as RUN-ONLY. This will prevent someone from learning your password by opening up the script. Note that this is easily broken if you know what the path to the disk image is.


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tonbo0422 Aug 15, 2001 01:10 AM
Hmm . . . I have limited experience with AppleScript, but it's definitely doable. My question is, would it be hackable? meaning (the old saw) "If they want to get into it they'll find a way . . ."

Because it's all useless if a determined hacker could get to it. Sorry to be so difficult!

BTW, your rendering of the script is difficult to read for a non-AppleScript guy--I can't tell where script ends and comments begin. Maybe you could email it to me as a text file with comments in <<"xxx">> type format. Again, sorry, and thanks for the help--that just might be what I'm looking for.

tonton Aug 15, 2001 04:03 AM
If you combine the two above replies you'll have your best answer.

I'll assume you're using OS 9.1.

First make a disk image of the folder containing your data using Disk Copy, as a compressed, read only image for smaller file size, or an uncompressed, read/write image for faster mounting (it will be read only when it's on CD anyway). Then encrypt the disk image with a password (do not add it to your keychain, unless your own machine is secure at all times). Then burn that encryped disk image to a CD as a file.

When you mount the CD, you will see the CD icon. Double click the CD icon and you will see the encrypted disk image of your file. Double click that disk image and the OS will ask you for your password. Enter your password and the disk image will mount on the desktop. There is your data, all individual files accessible to you until you unmount it again (cmd-y).
tonbo0422 Aug 16, 2001 05:59 PM
I did all that and when I double-click on the image on the CD I get "Items on locked volumes cannot be compressed."

That means I'd have to copy the whole thing to my desktop, then try to open it . . .
tonbo0422 Aug 16, 2001 07:51 PM

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AppleScript Aug 17, 2001 12:34 AM
The comments in the script are the words following each --.

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