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mfiske Nov 7, 1999 01:20 PM
WEIRD Stuffit Expander 5.1.4/ "Apple Enet" problem...
Here's the message that I sent to Aladdin just a few moments ago. I figured maybe you guys could have a go at it as well. I'm running a Rev. B iMac w/ 96MB RAM and, of course (I'm having problems, aren't I), Mac OS 9...

">Kind Sirs:
>Stuffit Expander 5.1.4 (included w/ Mac OS 9) does NOT want to let me expand to
>either the Desktop OR the root level of my hard drive. Any ideas why? I've
>done the usual rebuilding/ zapping with no success...
>Mark Fiske
>Appearance Technologies (formerly Fake-8 Technologies)

Kind Sirs:

After some further investigation this morning, the problem seems to go away (and this is going to sound VERY strange) after I disable Apple's "Apple Enet" extension.


Mark Fiske
Appearance Technologies (formerly Fake-8 Technologies)
toloczko Nov 7, 1999 07:26 PM
Actually, older versions of Stuffit Expander and DropStuff will exhibit the same behavior if file sharing is enabled. If you have file sharing enabled, turn it off, set the default folder location for Stuffit Expander and DropStuff, and then turn file sharing back on. I'm sure there's a reason for the behavior, but this simple trick gets the job done.
Lanlord Nov 8, 1999 11:43 AM
mfiske, have you tried Mindexpander from Mindvision? This is a freeware application that works perfectly with OS9. You can't compress with it but uncompressing works flawlessly.
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