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GeekBoy Mar 28, 2001 12:41 AM
OS9.1 and Memory question
On my G4/667 in the 'About This Computer' window it says that OS9.1 is using 50.5 megs of ram. Is this normal or way too much? I know I could turn off even more extensions and control panels than I already have but isn't this a high amount being used even with virtual memory turned off?

Also, I have 512meg of ram installed. When you subtract 50.5 from 512 you get 461.5 yet it shows only about 455 available. Where has the other 5 meg of ram or so gone?

Art D Mar 28, 2001 01:47 AM
Hi GeekBoy,

I'd say 50.5 MB of memory for OS 9.1 is very good. Memory used for your Disk Cache (in the Memory control panel) is added to the System use. So, if your Disk Cache is set for 8000K, for example, your System is actually using only 42.5 MB.

I'm also using OS 9.1 (with VM turned off) and "About This Computer" shows a system usage of about 60 MB. My Disk Cache is set for 8000K and I'm using a 5000K RAM Disk (this is also added to the System memory). So my System is actually using about 47 MB (60 - 13).

As for the missing 5 Megs, that's due to a little memory fragmentation which is normal also. See Apple's TIL #19064. The memory indicated is not all of your memory; it's just the "Largest Unused Block."

Hope this helps,


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