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iPaul UK Mar 29, 2001 08:46 AM
iBook 466 vs iMac DVSE 400 Mem leaks
Ok.. Here is a perculier question for you guys..

I got 3 Macs, but only really use 2 at the moment.. An iBook 466 and an iMac DVSE 400. Until recently, both had 128Mb of ram and both were being used with identical sets of software and both running OS 9.1. However, i've noticed that I have far more problems with memory leaks on the iBook. Yet I very rarely have them on the iMac. I'll also mention that I very rarely shut my Macs down. I prefer to send them to sleep instead. So of course this means that any memory problems kind of accumilate after a few days of use. Ideally I need to re-start my iBook after around 3 days or so of use, just to ensure I get no lack of memory errors.

Anyone know why this might be? It's not a huge problem for me or anything. But an interesting one all the same. Also, the iMac now has 512MB of ram (well it was cheap so why not!). So I can't easily make the same comparisons now. And another thing.. Due to all the complaints about the latest firmware updates.. I've not applied them to either Macs yet.
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