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joeyzr Nov 8, 1999 09:24 PM
101hr Indexing
I hope I am in the right forum for this question, and am assuming it may be OS9 related or at least an OS-installation error. This was not a problem with OS8.6

I have my revB iMac scheduled for indexing in Sherlock for midnight on Monday nights. The iMac is on and two Mondays have gone by since I installed OS9 and I wake in the morning hearing the drive churning away after a night of attempting to index the drive. This morning I found it saying 101hrs to completion.

Has anyone got any ideas on this?
Ster Nov 8, 1999 09:37 PM
i've noticed the same type of thing w/ 8.6 on a beige g3. i think it helps if you delete the index and let it re-index from scratch once in a while. (you can do that from within sherlock, under 'find by content' there's a button 'index volumes...' which shows all the mounted vols, when they wer indexed, etc. just choose the ones you want, and hit the 'delete index' button) i usually do that after in rebuild my desktop.
hope that helps,
joeyzr Nov 9, 1999 11:22 AM
Thank you. I think that did it ans it only took a half hour after I did so.

Plus, I think it did not like the SETI@home screensaver disturbing it, nor Sleep mode. I had read in the Help menu that sleep could be a problem for portables, but I believe it affected my iMac as well.
typoon Nov 9, 1999 11:49 AM
Also I noticed that you can choose what languages you want it to look for and index. It says to uncheck all those you don't need to make indexing faster.
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