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so-alive Nov 10, 1999 09:38 AM
Has OS 9 cured anyones Roadrunner/DHCP problems?
M Gerenser Nov 10, 1999 10:26 AM
I guess I never really had these DHCP problems with RoadRunner, even though I've been using RR for nearly 3 years on systems from Mac OS 8 on up to 9. But RR did recently abolish the abhorrent Login App, so now all my Macs are permentantly connected to the internet. One thing about RR is that it just works, and with the Mac, it's made very easy. So I didn't really answer your question. Most things just seem to work for me.
so-alive Nov 10, 1999 12:43 PM
Goody for you.

In Albany, NY RoadRunner abolished the Login atleast a year ago. Unfortunatly the service is soo poor that they never bothered telling anyone. I discovered it by accident. They also didn't bother telling anyone that the pop and smtp servers were renamed and you wouldnot be abletoaccess your email without makingthe proper adjustments. They also claim not to support Macs in one breath while stating that "they are working closely with appleto solvethe DHCP problem" in the next breath.

So to correct you, it is not RoadRunner that "just works" it is the technology. The Roadrunner services seems to vary according to region.

Everything was working fine until they forced everybody to switch out there older cable modems with newer, bandwidth limiting modems. Ever since then there have been problems with Macs obtaining a proper IP address. They have no idea as to what might be causing theproblem and suggestedthatI just leave my computer on forever after the next time I could get an IP address.

The fix which they DID NOT provide was to switch from DHCP to bootP.

Again does anyone know if OS 9's Open Transport 2.5 has fixed this problem?
47Ronin Nov 11, 1999 04:27 AM
Apparently, MacOS 9 has broken the DHCP implementation again and now, at least in my area (San Diego, CA), users of Cox@Home cable modem service can no longer use DHCP to obtain an IP address, so we are forced to use manual configuration. Using DHCP will result in the Mac timing out and picking its random number. Somebody has got to get on the ball with solving this problem. I'm gonna forward this message to both Cox@Home and Apple.
M Gerenser Nov 12, 1999 09:37 PM
so-alive, in no way was I intending to be arrogant or anything. I was just offering you my opinions. You are right, RR varies a lot depending on the location. Yes, they have some work to do to fix these silly glitches, especially with the Mac. But in my area, it always works very well, (unless the system goes down for a while, in which case I'm very angry).
wlonh Nov 12, 1999 11:58 PM
not a fix, not a workaround, but some pertinent info:
audiffred Nov 13, 1999 01:18 AM
No problems here in Ithaca, NY. Login client to be abolished on the 16th. It's about time.
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