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madgreek Nov 11, 1999 04:45 PM
PB G3 Series wake from sleep problems
I have a 300Mhz PowerBook G3 Series and if I put it to sleep for more than 5-minutes then upon awakening I get very strange pixelated colors around the cursor and all menu items. It's so bad that I have to restart. This happens on all the G3 Series PowerBook's in our office but not on the newer bronze keyboard ones.

I know it cannot be any 3rd party conflict as in each case I have formatted the hard drive and only had OS 9 running.
Ignatius Nov 12, 1999 10:23 AM
I am having the same problem on my G3. I can't put it to sleep because it will not wake. I think it is crashing when I try to wake it which means that I have to restart. Funny enough though I don't have that problem with my Powerbook 1400cs. I am also not able to shut down the G3 with out it crashing. What to do?
gregoj Nov 12, 1999 11:27 AM
Neither one of you has said whether everything is peachy when you try any of this with extensions off.

From experience with powerbooks, and g3 machines in general, the use of ATI extensions is just plain ugly. It's very hit and miss with what works where. I have a b/w that will only function while running the ATI extensions directly from ATI. You know, the one's we're not supposed to use?

Try disabling some of the Apple included extensions on a fresh system folder, too. You may be surprised.

Also, follow websites' forums and discussions on OS9. This could very well be the root of the problem. If your machine is having troubles with the the Open Transport or the Multiuser abilities, these are things that happen upon returning from sleep. You may not be the only folks with such a problem with the new OS, and your problem should be voiced to the masses.

Misha Nov 12, 1999 05:54 PM
You might want to try this:

Remove all the ATI extensions from the Extensions folder (there should be 4 or 5; maybe 6), then apply the ATI Video Software Updated for the PowerBook G3 Series from June. In my testing, both drivers perform equally and there are no compatibility issues between the older drivers and OS 9. I used this to fix another problem with my Lombard; it might work for you.

Here's the link for the update:
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