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madgreek Nov 11, 1999 07:20 PM
Sharing files
Now this is a first for me. I'm trying to transfer 3GBs of files from one PowerBook to another but even those the destination PowerBook has 7.3GBs available when I go to share it from the other it only says 1.9GB available.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
oscar Nov 12, 1999 03:34 AM
This probally has a lot to do with Apple old file system...
In 8.1 apple introduced HFS+, a newer version of there filesystem. It is far more effiecnt then the old one (us as user relly dont have to deal with it) But if you have a lot of little files, on a big hard drive, those files will take up much more room then the actual size of the file.......Does that make sense...ok, here is apple explanation...

-See Yea!
47Ronin Nov 12, 1999 06:43 AM
I believe the cause is that current versions of AppleShare (the one built into normal MacOS) only show remote volume sizes up to 2 or 4 GB. Anything larger and it will not show the actual free space. Apple says you need to have AppleShare IP installed to see the real size. I think it's pretty much BS.. why have the consumer OS lie about the free space size on a remote volume? Anyways, there really isn't anything "wrong." You can continue to do normal file management, but you can't really tell how much free space there is on a large remote hard drive.

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madgreek Nov 12, 1999 09:07 AM
Yes, both PowerBooks were formated in HFS+. I had almost forgotten about that volume size restrictions, but that's the problem. I eventually got everything copied over okay as long as I copied them in blocks of 1.9GBs or less.

Thanks for the help guys.
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