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ZooTV Nov 13, 1999 05:14 PM
Sherlock 2 Woes
A major problem i've been having. I've been trying to index items with the label "Cool", and i set the preferences accordingly. I go to index the volume for the "Cool" itmes, and it satrts up just fine, and it's telling me the items it's indexing, all are labeled "cool." but then it suddenly stops with 25 mins to go, and the index size is 104k. I search for a specific word i know is in these documents, and it returns nothing. I have increased Sherlock's memory, and this happened with Shelock 1 aswell. By the way these are text clipping files with colors (from AOL IM), dont know if that has anything to do with it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
wlonh Nov 13, 1999 06:02 PM
OK, my understanding is that the labels colors and names are part of/kept in the System suitcase file (see: )

Have you done any ResEdit hacks to your suitcase? That could affect things perhaps.

If not, then I suspect your System suitcase is corrupted somewhat. You can check it for damage by using TechTool 1.1.9 (it's FREE), you click on the 'System' button in the TechTool application window, it will NOT recognise ResEdit hacks as legit and will report your System suitcase file damaged if there are any hacks present. BUT, if you know for sure that you have NOT hacked this suitcase file and TechTool reports damage, then it is certainly corrupted.

It would not be a good idea to go to your CD and simply drag and drop the System suitcase file from the CD to your HD... the suitcase is modified during the installation of MacOS (etc) and therefore the System suitcase file residing on your CD is not a valid replacement for the corrupted one.

A clean install is indicated for replacement of System suitcase UNLESS you have an exact backup copy.

Of course, it might not be your System suitcase, and you might decide to leave well enough alone...

I'd also try deleting any Sherlock Pref's files and it could not hurt to delete the Finder Pref's as well

oh yes, get TechTool 1.1.9 (compatible with OS 9 and older) here:

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ZooTV Nov 13, 1999 06:14 PM
I haven't done any ResEdit hacks etc. I know my systems is fine because i checked it all with Tech Tool Pro 2.5.2. I'm thinking it's an extension conflict...i'll try turning virex off and see what happens.
wlonh Nov 13, 1999 06:24 PM
if you are using Virex 6, you should disable the Virex Scheduler extension, and since you are using OS 9 you should download the beta Virex control panel:
ZooTV Nov 13, 1999 07:30 PM
yeah i have the new virex. I tryed disabling all extensions except for the mac OS 9 all set, it didn't help. One thing though, when i try indexing the entire hard drive, it'll be fine, maybe it's a problem with text clippings.
WickedDyno Nov 13, 1999 11:37 PM
Try deleting your index and building a new one?

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