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andersonlaw Mar 31, 2001 01:05 AM
intermitent delays
MacOS 9.04 imac, g3, 160+ ram. Intermittent delays, primarily when opening a file, sizing a window, sending a print command. abouyt 10 seconds or so. Rebuilt OS, same result w/extensions on or off or just using base OS. Loaded newest firware CD fix from Apple. No help. Suggestions? email me. Thanks.
Cipher13 Mar 31, 2001 02:37 AM
Are you on a network of any sort? What kinda Internet you got? Cable etc...

Delete Finder and System Preferences, and replace the System File and Finder with versions from a core install you must perform to get decent versions of them. Copying from the CD won't work.

Cipher13 Mar 31, 2001 02:40 AM
Another quick thought, unrelated to anything else, do you have a CD in the drive? Take it out, and check it out.
Do you have a burner with a blank CD in it?

andersonlaw Mar 31, 2001 11:56 AM
have ethernet between two other computers and two printers, dsl
connection w/hub. All has worked properly in that configuration beofre.
Printing and ethernet connections fine. Only my computer affected. ran
profiler, disk first aid and tech tools to optimize. Have burner, but
not connected at this time. odd little problem, while in a program or in
a browser, no noticable problem, except maybe taking Netscape (4.7) a
bit longer to load when gets to "initiating Java" Maybe a virus? Seems
like you might be correct about targeting a system or finder problem.
Thought about running disk warrior but concerned I might screw up
directory-if that;'s the problem with the computer. By the way, thnaks
very much for taking the time to assist.
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