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euphras Mar 15, 2013 02:32 PM
Apple CD150 / CD300 external CD-ROM standalone music player? (hardware test question)
I´m looking for a "new" old Apple CD300 or CD150 external CD-ROM drive since the caddy mechanism of mine went south some years ago. I´ve found a decent looking one in the german bay but the sellers asks an initial bid of 25 bucks and gives no guarantee for working condition.
I´ve asked him to do a test and therefore put an audio CD into the drive and connect an earphone to the front analogue out to test if the drive plays music (I know this is not the real deal to fully test such a SCSI drive for functionality, but the guy has no (SCSI) Mac.
This evening he replied that he did the test and there wasn´t any music to hear but he argues that this drive (SONY CDU561-55) needs a connected Mac in order to output music, even when using the analogue port on the front bezel of the drive.

Who is right? Does the SONY CDU561-55 play Audio CDs as a standalone drive or is a connected Mac mandatory?
shifuimam Mar 15, 2013 08:00 PM
It still has to be connected to a machine in order to instruct the drive to start playing a CD.

TBH I'd recommend buying a replacement SCSI drive to install in your CD300 enclosure. The 12x drive I got was only $15 shipped on eBay, and it has made an ENORMOUS difference in performance on my IIci.
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