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xmishx Jun 2, 2002 11:59 AM
8100 & OS9.04
Greetings all,

My Power Computing Power Center 240 just does not act right and I am really fed up with it. Could be anything, I do not know, but it freezes on me whenever I push it even just a little in any app. With 20 128 meg ram chips, I would think I would be able to do lots.

Anyway, I have a 8100 / 100MHz with 136 megs of ram in it. At the moment, it has OS 8.6, but I'd like to use OS9 so I can use itunes on it. Also maybe to be used as the CD burning, scaning machine with light duty for Quicken and address and datebook use. Anyone out there have a 601 machine and doing the above capably?

Thank you,

VRL Jun 3, 2002 04:37 AM
Actually, I put OS 9 on an even older Mac (5215, 64 MB RAM) and it runs quite nicely. I've been using it for easier tasks (Quicken, address apps are certainly tolerable). I did use it for scanning, but it was just too slow. ... Perhaps my G4 867 has spoiled me :)
macfool2002 Jun 3, 2002 03:37 PM
I've got a 7100 upgraded to a G3 with 40mb or ram and it's been running 9.1 for over a year now with no problems. You should be able to do it easily.
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